Château Ducru-Beaucaillou: a great Medoc wine

Château Ducru-Beaucaillou is one of the great Medoc wines. Classified a Second Growth in the 1855 Classification of the Medoc, itís exquisitely well-balanced and perfectly harmonious.

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Château Ducru-Beaucaillou
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Bruno Borie
Official website of Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou
Official website of Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou
  Grand cru listed in 1855 Saint Julien

An exceptional Medoc wine, Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou holds the privileged status of a 1855 St-Julien classification, reserved for the very best wines in Bordeaux. The French wine producer continues to use traditional wine making methods in its vine harvest, to produce this well balanced and exquisitely harmonious blend. Its numerous vintages are ideal for wine tasting and as the perfect accompaniment for great dishes.
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